From the Vastland - 2022

From the Vastland is a black metal band which started out by “Sina Winter” In late 2010 in Tehran/Iran. However, later on it became a full members band when he moved to Norway in 2013 and started to work with known Norwegian musicians such as “Vyl” (Whoredome Rife / Ex-Keep of Kalessin / Gorgoroth), “Tjalve” (Horizon Ablaze / Svartelder / Ex-1349/Den Saakaldte), “Spektre” (Gaahlswyrd / Svartelder / Horizon Ablaze) and “Destruchtor” (Nordjevel / Myrkskog / Ex-Morbid Angel).

Music and lyrics of the band are influenced by Persian history and mythology, ancient world, epic stories of good and evil, myths and legends combined with atmospheric, blast-beating, Old school black metal with a slight touch of oriental influences. The band has released 7 albums by now, with label companies such as Indie Recordings (Nor), Non Serviam Records (Ned), Immortal Frost Productions (Bel) & Stanath Records (Rus).

In 2014 “From The Vastland” was nominated for global metal band at metal hammer golden gods award. Sina and the band is also featured in the award winning Norwegian documentary film about black metal called “Blackhearts”.

From The Vastland

Bloody Stories Of Persian Demons & Their Dark World